St. Francis and St. Clare
Roman Catholic Community
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Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committees serves as advisory bodies to the Pastor in the administration of each of the parishes finances, budgets, parish facilities, and long-range financial plans. Each member of the Committee is appointed by the Pastor. The committees also monitor the annual financial reports which are prepared by the Business Manager.

It is essential that the Parish Finance Committees and the Parish Pastoral Council communicate with each other to maintain the parish goals.

If you have a financial background or have a special interest in your parish and would like to be considered for serving on either of these committees, please contact Father Jim at the Parish Center at 315-651-4349.

Sacrificial Giving

Sacrificial giving is a way for parish community members to reassess their pattern of giving to their parish community. Pledging a given amount of money to the Church each year assists the Finance Committee of each parish and the Pastor in estimating the income for the coming year. It also helps to plan programs and services that could be organized if funds are available. Envelopes are sent to registered parishioners who request them.

Estate Planning-Wills/Bequests

Please remember St. France and Sst. Clare Parish in your will. General bequests will be used to address future needs and improvements in the staffing and building and maintenance needs of our parishes. Special designation can be arranged for your bequest if that is your desire. We are grateful for whatever funds you generously give.

Envelope Use

The Sunday collection is the primary source of operational income to our two parishes. The use of envelopes assists the Finance Committees in planning operational expenses. When our parish members use envelopes, it makes it possible for us to provide a statement to them at year-end.

Money Counters

Money Counters unselfishly donate their time to assist the parish staff in counting the weekly collections. The goal is to set up four counting teams so that people will not have to participate each and every week. You will be asked to come approximately every fourth week. If you are interested in helping out, please call the Parish Office at 315-651-4349 and ask for Anne.

Catholic Ministries Appeal

This is an annual diocesan fund raising event whose proceeds support various operations and ministries of the diocese, many of which directly affect our two parishes.

St. Patrick's Patrician Trust

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Fund Raising Committee

Like any large worshipping community, St. Francis and St. Clare Parish requires a substantial budget to provide for its many ministries. It is the responsibility of this committee to look at the current and upcoming financial needs of the parishes and to oversee events that will raise funds to help satisfy those needs.

Parishioners over the years have recommended and generously supported a wide range of fund raising projects. We sincerely appreciate any help that you can give us to meet these challenges

St. Mary's Festival

St. Mary's has an annual Festival fund raiser and social event on the grounds of St. Mary's Church. The Festival Committee plans a different take-out or eat-in meal every night. Kids' games, food, music, games of chance and fun are all a part of St. Mary's Festival. Watch the bulletin every July for specific dates and more information about the Festival and how you can help with the event. Call the Parish Office at 315-651-4349 or 539-2944.

St. Mary's Winter Raffle

The Winter Raffle offers a chance to win 8 prizes totaling $10,000. Ticket sellers receive 1 free ticket for each 10 tickets they sell. The raffle is usually held the third Saturday in January. If you are interested in helping with organizing the raffle or selling tickets, please call the Parish Office at 315-651-4349 or 539-2944.

St. Mary's Christmas Bazaar

Between 45-50 vendors sell their wares at the bazaar. Soup, sandwiches and snacks are served during the bazaar. The annual bazaar is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

If you are a vendor and would like to attend the bazaar or are a parishioner who is interested in helping out with this fun event, please call the Parish Office at 315-651-4349 or 539-2944.


The parish has a lottery fund raiser. If you would like to participate in either one, please call the Parish Office at 315-651-4349 or 539-2944.

Any help would be most appreciated.